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It's a club of kids who will meet weekly or bi-weekly and learn about AI, Photoshop, character creation, world building and eventually creating a playable card game using the characters and lore from the Mugrosoft Universe they create. Mostly it's an opportunity for good friends to hang out, have fun (especially during these dark, cold winter months) and hopefully imagine an amazing world and game.

Firefly Detailed illustration of a robot bear, a robot weasel, a robot cat, a robot dog an
Firefly A man with the head of a bulldog standing upright wearing blue jeans, a bright gre


Club Mugrosoft was founded by Oliver Pieracci and myself, his dad Martin Pieracci. I've been working as an art director for 30 years and am beginning to use AI as a tool professionally. I created all the illustrations on this site with a combination of AI, Photoshop, Illustrator and video editing software. 


It's going to be part of our kids' futures regardless of how we might wish it weren't. I'm hoping to turn it into something positive. I can help wrangle their imaginations into a final product whether it's homemade just for them or if it evolves into something more.


I'd like to get one or two other parents volunteer to come to these meetings to help keep things on task and helping to spark their creativity. It doesn't have to be the same parent each time. 

If we get enough response we'll start in February and go as long as the boys would like it to continue. The day, time and place will be determined by the group. It could be an after-school activity or a weekend activity.


There will be five to six members of Club Mugrosoft to begin. Attendance won't be mandatory. There is no cost to join Club Mugrosoft. The location is still to be determined but could be a rotating location like library, community center, restaurant or even outside if weather permits.


If you're interested in participating in Club Mugrosoft drop me an email and I will begin a group email to set up the first meeting and I can provide more details on what we're hoping to do and we can decide together what days and times would work best. I'm also very open to any ideas of how we could improve upon this idea. 


Martin Pieracci


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