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Frank & Ziggy

Foster home needed
February 25 to April 1

Meet Frank (the grey tabby) and his sister Ziggy. They are four years old and as someone who's had cats most his life these are without question the sweetest cats I've ever had. They come to the door and greet me whenever I get home.

I was the victim of a violent crime last year that was devastating, financially. However I was just offered a job (I'm an art director/graphic designer) that will get me back on my feet. However it requires me to work out of state for the first month and I need a temporary home for Frank and Ziggy. My son and I are both deeply attached to them and I don't want to re-home them. I just need to find a foster situation for them until I get back to Seattle and settled in. 

They're sweet, affectionate and good with kids. They are only indoor cats. They're healthy and well cared for and have no special needs. They haven't been around other pets but I think they would adjust pretty well.

Feel free to contact me with any questions.

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